Customer Waiting Area

We provide a clean modern office for our customers' comfort and convenience. A seating area adjacent to the estimate bay provides a place for customers to wait for their estimate to be completed. This is the best place to ask questions about repairs. Our staff is here to help.




Computerized Estimates

Computerized Estimating means that we can provide the most efficient and accurate information to determine the costs of repairing your vehicle. Current part numbers and prices are updated weekly. Many insurers require collision shops to send digital photos to their claims offices via the Internet. This accelerates the repair process by allowing rapid approval for repairs of additional damage.  





Indoor Estimate Bay

Indoor estimating provides a comfortable atmosphere for the customer and estimator to discuss the damage to the vehicle. Our estimate bay enables our estimators to bring your vehicle in out of the weather, to get the quality estimate our customers deserve. The result is a more thorough estimate and therefore a complete repair.  




Frame/Unibody Computerized Electronic Measuring

Our new Shark Computerized Measuring system uses ultrasound to check your vehicle's structure for damage that can not be found with mechanical or laser systems.


The Shark system uses ultrasound to acquire date. Emitters on the probes send sound waves to high frequency microphones located in a portable aluminum beam that is placed under the vehicle being measured. The beam is connected by cable to the computer cabinet where the measured results are compared to manufacturers published data. This sophisticated technology pinpoints damage that may not be obvious and neatly presents this information via computer printout. Before and After printouts are available to the customer upon request.

New model vehicle data is gathered each year by using this identical measuring method. The computer's database contains up-to-date vehicle specifications on hundreds of full frame cars, trucks and unibody vehicles. Beyond this, the technician has the ability to choose any undamaged symmetrical point on the vehicle and "compare" it to the damaged side. With the Shark system, there is no guessing - you know. The printed evidence is irrefutable, and you know the body structure has been repaired correctly. You can be confident your vehicle has been returned to pre-collision specifications by choosing Larry's Auto Body.  

Measuring multiple points at one time is an essential part of the repair process. Many times these points are very close together. This photograph shows how Shark can easily handle a very complex measuring situation in one easy step.  

Frame/Unibody Repairs

Chief Industries of Grand Island NE began designing frame-repairing machines in the early 1960s. Their equipment was portable and was often seen at stock car races where they would repair a damaged frame in the infield and return the car to the track for the next race. The machine that they developed was called the Chief E-Z Liner. We purchased ours in 1983 and Chief still sells the identical model today. This unit is famous for its simultaneous multiple pulling. This means that all of the structural damage is repaired at once and with equalizing pressure, actually reversing the collision effects.



Sikkens® Paints and Finishes

Larry's Auto Body uses Sikkens Auto Refinish, a European paint system known as the finest automotive paint in the world. Not only does Larry's stand behind all their work with a written warranty, so does Sikkens. All finishes are mixed on our computerized Mixit scale which guarantees correct color matching and ensures the proper refinish is used on your vehicle. Sikkens paint system is backed by nearly 200 years of experience in the paint industry. Sikkens is used as an OEM finish on Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Ford, General Motors and other top name automobiles.  


Paint Booth

We use downdraft paint booth technology to produce a flawless finish that only a quality paint booth can provide. Our Paint Booth also bakes the finish at 165°, which results in superior paint adhesion and faster delivery times.